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Playing God with His Creation

Remember the first Jurassic Park movie?  Scientists creating living dinosaurs from fossilized DNA with the entire experiment deteriorating into a disaster of epic proportions.  Remember Jeff Goldblum’s portrayal of Dr Ian Malcolm and his now iconic observation? “Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think […]

When We Can’t Recognize Evil

It’s becoming obvious in the sermons and watered-down rhetoric of many Christian church leaders and professing ministry in Christ.  It’s transparent in the carefully constructed conversations of after church fellowship where churches may still meet, and within church fellowship groups over zoom.  It’s glaringly evident in social media groups. We’re missing something vital. Something we’ve […]

Don’t Be Naive: Evil Does Exist in Our Current World

You’d think it wouldn’t be something anyone would need to write about or remind us about in the Christian world. But it is. Evil does exist and not just evil somewhere out there in general or evil in action, but evil intent by human individuals and even governments who have taken on evil as a […]